The 45th Annual Community Daffodil Flower Show
April 27th & April 28th, 2019

Our special Island, 30 miles at sea, is host to an interesting array of “Shells and Bells”. From the steeple bells and school bells to the buoy bells and ships’ bells, we find beaches boasting clam shells and conch shells, slipper shells, and scallop shells. However, a visionary summer resident decided the Grey Lady needed another bounty, a yellow and welcoming one: Daffodils! In the 1970s, Jean MacAusland donated a million Daffodil bulbs to the Island, to be planted along our Community’s pathways and roads, initially along the Milestone Road from Monomoy to Sconset. The Nantucket Garden Club, excited by her vision of brighter Spring surroundings, then organized its first Annual Daffodil Flower Show in 1974. Originating at the Boys and Girls Club, the Show has been held in many locations during its 45-year history: the American Legion Hall, The Harbor House, The Folger Hotel and then the Point Breeze Hotel, the Coffin School and most recently at Bartlett’s Ocean View Farm. From the homey beginnings of Daffodil filled Coke bottles lining Main Street to antique cars draped with Daffodil decorations, the Island’s April harvest is best seen in all its splendor at our Show.

The American Daffodil Society recognizes this exhibition as a bona fide Daffodil Show and is pleased to grant ADS awards to specimens of exceptional merit. The Nantucket Garden Club continues to expand the display of daffodils on the Island by donating thousands of daffodil bulbs annually to be planted by the school children. Today one sees over 4 million daffodils swaying gently along the roadways and bicycle paths island wide.

We hope you enjoy the many cultivars of Daffodils on display, as well as the creative Floral Arrangements and the imaginative Photographs. Everyone in our Community, from pre-school to senior citizen participates in this happy and educational event.

SPECIAL THANKS to The Nantucket Garden Club 2019 Daffodil Show Committee thanks everyone who has contributed to the success of this year’s show, including The American Daffodil Society, Inc. and their judges, Bartlett’s Ocean View Farm, Flowers on Chestnut, The Nantucket Hotel, and Poets Corner Press.

In addition, heartfelt thanks to Mary Malavase for her extraordinary effort in renumbering the Horticulture Entry Classes. Particular thanks go to Barbara Gookin for her Cover Photograph. Special thanks to the members of the Nantucket Garden Club and the Nantucket Community for their generous and constant efforts on behalf of the Show.